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Renting A Townhouse For A Family

Townhouses are often seen as an option for singles and couples just starting out, but they can be a good choice for families, too. If you're ready to move up from an apartment but not quite ready to buy your own family home, renting a townhouse is a wise choice. Here are a few tips you'll want to follow when renting a townhouse for your family.

Look for a three or four-bedroom unit

You might think of townhouses as two-bedroom spaces. But there are three and four-bedroom townhouses for rent in some communities. Usually, these townhouses are a little larger with an upstairs and downstairs. In a three-bedroom floorplan, there are often three bedrooms upstairs. In a four-bedroom floor plan, there are usually three bedrooms upstairs and a fourth one downstairs. Even if you only have one child and might therefore think a 2-bedroom townhouse is adequate, having that extra bedroom or two will give your family more space to spread out. You can use the extra room as a playroom or an office, freeing up space elsewhere in the townhouse.

Choose a unit near the playground

Most townhouse communities have a playground of some sort. Look for a unit near the playground. If you can see the playground from the townhouse porch, that's even better! The yards associated with townhouses are usually small, so your kids will enjoy having more space to play at the playground. And with it close by, you may be able to send them there and supervise them from the front porch.

Look for an open floor plan

Newer townhouses are often built with more open floor plans than older ones. And when you're renting for a family, an open floor plan is ideal. You'll be able to cook in the kitchen while supervising your kids in the living room. People can eat in the dining area without being secluded from others in the kitchen. All in all, you'll be able to spend more time together as a family without walls getting in the way. Plus, a townhouse with an open floor plan just feels larger, and it's nice to have that spacious feel when you have little ones around.

If you look for a three-bedroom or four-bedroom unit, opt for a space near the playground, and prioritize an open floor plan, you can find a townhouse that suits your family's needs just fine. Browse some communities in your area, and go from there.