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Signs You Need A New Apartment

The average person stays at least a few years in their current apartment, and you may have recently signed a lease for another several months on your own. If you haven't and you're wondering if you should renew your lease or move into a new apartment, then you should consider looking at apartments on the market to see what might work better for you.

On the fence about whether you should look at new apartments? Before you start circling apartment listings, use this guide to help you decide if you're ready to make the switch to a new unit. Your landlord may allow you to do a month-to-month rental agreement until you decide if you have a history of reliable and on-time payments.

You don't like your new neighbors

Have you recently gotten new neighbors in your apartment complex and you cannot stand them? Are they loud, have obnoxious pets, or they are somehow making it harder for you to enjoy where you live? First, speak to your landlord politely about the situation if you really like where you live. If after a few months of ongoing issues with your new neighbors and no help from them or your landlord, you may want to start looking at new apartments.

You don't like what you're paying in rent

Your landlord has the right to raise your rent with each new lease or rental contract, but if you don't like what you're paying versus what you're getting out of it, then it's time to start considering looking at apartment listings in your area. Look at apartments that are priced similarly to what you pay in monthly rent, making note of amenities and apartment features compared to what you're getting now.

You'll find out one of two things: that you're either paying now and getting what you'd pay for a similar apartment elsewhere, or that you can get more for your money by renting apartments somewhere else. Either way, looking at apartment listings will help narrow down your options.

You don't like where you live

Location matters when renting apartments, and the luxury to apartment renting is that you can easily rent where you'd rather live if you are willing to make the move. If you don't like where you live and there are apartments available elsewhere, circle some apartment listings and start looking around. Your landlord may require a written notice before you vacate, so look at your current rental contract before agreeing to another apartment elsewhere.