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Single Family Homes: How You Know You've Picked A Great Neighborhood

There are many US homes on the market, including single-family homes. Single-family homes for sale are homes that are not attached to other types of housing units, such as condos, apartments, duplexes, or even townhomes. If you want to buy single-family homes for either personal living or to rent out — over a third of single-family housing units are used as rentals — one consistent thing you want to check is this: the neighborhood surrounding any home you're buying.

How do you know you've picked a great neighborhood when you buy single-family homes for sale in your area? Use this guide to help you out; if you pick a great neighborhood, you benefit and so do those you potentially rent your home to later.

Explore neighboring houses

While one messy or careless neighbor doesn't ruin it for the entire neighborhood, a consistent trend of messy yards, barking dogs, and poorly-kept homes can be an indicator that a neighborhood isn't at its best. The better the neighborhood, the better your home's resale value, so look around and make note of nearby homes that have flowers and yard decor, tidy yards, fenced-in properties, quiet homes, and clutter-free driveways to indicate you've chosen a responsible neighborhood when looking at single-family homes for sale.

Explore nearby hot spots

Is a neighborhood close to a local school or park? Is a neighborhood near a shopping center or major highway? Does a neighborhood boast a neighborhood watch program, or is it known for throwing fun block parties? You can explore the nearby hot spots a neighborhood is close to or the activities the neighborhood features to help you narrow down your options when looking at single-family homes for sale.

The more proud a community is of the neighborhood it rests in, the more enjoyable it may be to live there. Consider asking the current homeowner what they like best about where they live regarding their neighbors before buying any single-family homes for sale.

Before you buy any single-family homes, you want to personally take a walk around the neighborhoods, making note of the things you see or hear that disturb you and the things that you find pleasing or desirable. If you take the neighboring homes into consideration and not just the single-family homes themselves, you can make more confident choices buying the homes you desire. Single-family homes for sale can be a benefit to you in many ways for personal living or renting.

For more information on single-family homes, reach out to a real estate agent.