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3 Things To Demand To Accommodate Your Dog In A Condo

As a dog owner, you may always want to live in places where you know that your dog will be well-accommodated. This is something that you will need to handle since you are the person who decides where your dog lives. If you are looking to become a property owner, you may know that a single-family home will provide the most outdoor space and room in general for your dog.

But, when you are set on purchasing a condo, you need to know what things to demand so that you can start shopping for condos and prioritizing ones that will accommodate your dog.

Waste Station

Going on a walk with your dog is something that you may intend on doing several times per day, so one of the things that will come in handy every day is waste stations spread throughout the condo community. Knowing that you can pick up a doggy bag, clean up after your dog, and throw the bag away after taking a few steps is one of the little things that matter a lot in everyday life.

Fortunately, you should find it easy to determine whether there are dog waste stations within a community that you are interested in by analyzing photos and walking around in person. One or two waste stations is not enough to be considered convenient or useful, so you want to make sure that you are choosing a community that has them spread evenly around the property.

Dog Run

Being able to go outside and bring your dog somewhere that you can take them off-leash without having to leave the property is a huge plus. On days when you do not feel like going on a lengthy walk to burn off your dog's energy, you can use the dog run as a viable alternative. You may also meet other dog owners in the community that you can trade dog sitting with when traveling.


If you are planning on living in an upper floor unit, you should make an elevator a priority, especially if you have a medium to large-sized dog that you cannot carry reliably. This is important because when your dog gets older and is no longer able to get up stairs that easily, you will want to use the elevator. This will play a role in keeping them healthy and avoiding any joint pain.

Looking around at condos until you find certain features is worth doing when you want to make sure that you accommodate your dog in every way possible. Contact a real estate agent for more information or help in your search.