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4 Features To Look For In A Condo To Maximize Privacy

If you want to buy a condo, you may understand that you will not get as much privacy as you would in a single-family home. However, this does not mean that you should go into the process expecting to get little to no privacy at all because you can get a lot of privacy with certain features.

Private Balcony

When you look at condo balconies, you will find some of them that do not provide much coverage in any way. This means that your balcony may look into neighboring balconies without any solid walls in between to create desirable privacy. In this situation, you should find a condo with a private balcony where you can relax in the day or night without anyone watching from outside.

Laundry Room

Washing your clothes is something that you will have to do on a regular basis, which means you should demand laundry hookups inside the condo as opposed to sharing a laundry space. This will keep you from having to go through the hallway and into the laundry room to clean clothes.

While a laundry facility on the same floor is better than having to go downstairs into a larger room that is shared by a large number of residents, you cannot beat in-unit laundry.

Upper Unit

When you are interested in privacy, you will find that an upper unit is what you should prioritize because it will give you the most satisfaction. A lower floor unit means that as soon as you open the front door or windows, you will be exposed to any neighbors walking by. This is not something that you have to worry about on an upper floor as people will not be walking around outside.


If you are looking at condos online, you will find all sorts of parking opportunities. Some condo units may only offer dedicated parking if you are willing to pay an extra monthly fee. However, while a covered parking spot may be nice for your vehicle, it will not give you much privacy.

An ideal way to get car and item storage while also accommodating your privacy demands is by getting a garage with the condo unit that you purchase.

When you are willing to look at condos in a detailed manner, you should be able to find one that provides you with the kind and right level of privacy that you are interested in. Reach out to a real estate agent for more information.