Real Estate Investment 101: Getting Started

Shopping For A Home With Virtual Reality: 7 Steps To Make It Work For You

Whether you're looking to buy a modest ranch in the rolling hills of the countryside or an elaborate mansion just outside a trendy metropolis, you probably think the process involves endless searches, constant calls, frequent traveling, and mountains of paperwork, but it doesn't have to be so complicated. With the help of modern technology and a good real estate agent, you can find the home of your dreams without a lot of fuss and worry and without even having to leave the comfort of your current house.

1. Make A List Of The Home Features You Want

Although technology can do a lot, it can't yet read minds; thus, you should create a list of the features you insist upon having in your new home and also a list of things you'd like but don't deem necessary. Specify size, style, location, nearby amenities, local schools, and recreation and pricing.

2. Make A Budget And Prequalify 

Sometimes, matching what you want in a home with the price you can afford is the most difficult aspect of home searching. Understand your budget restrictions beforehand and contact your local lender to prequalify for a home loan or even seek preapproval. 

3. Make Contact With A Real Estate Professional

Ask in advance for a residential real estate service that works with virtual technology when seeking a real agent you can work closely with. Finding your new home requires some initial screening so that the agent will only show you the homes that match your set criteria, from budget and location to number of baths, size of the kitchen, bedrooms, and so forth. More and more real estate agencies are bringing this technology to their clients as the VR home search saves them time, money, and effort, too. Provide the agent with as much information as possible so they can narrow down their inventory as it applies to your family's needs and wants.

4. Make Time To View Properties With Your Family

Go ahead and make a big deal about new listings your real estate makes you aware of because this truly is a family affair. Call everyone into the room where you'll play the VR tour, adding popcorn and pillows. Get comfy, take notes, and sit back as everyone "Oohs" and "Aahs" over breathtaking exteriors and stunning interiors. Your kids might claim rooms as their own and your spouse may comment on what they could do with that enormous garage or unfinished basement featured in the video, and you can be proud of the fact that your family can get up close and personal with houses all over the place, without having to be dragged all over the place.

Technology allows you to watch on a TV or computer screen with a virtual reality headset, which allows for a totally realistic 3D walk-through experience. It also, nearly miraculously, allows you to "see" the homes with adapted and upgraded features, without any real changes made to the homes themselves. For example, if you're virtually touring a kitchen and want to know what it would look like with an island, voila, your request can be granted. These features allow you to start with a fantastic base home, then figure out what changes you want to make and see how they'll actually come out or to see a completed home, even though it's still under construction.

5. Make Sure You're Interested Before Placing An Offer

It may be hard not to fall in love with every house you experience via VR, but since you're using this method to eliminate unnecessary travel, hassles, and expenses, think your decision over thoroughly, making sure the home is really something you and your family want and can afford. 

6. Make A Physical Connection With The Property

Ultimately, VR should help you be very precise in the home selection process so that when you finally step foot on terra firma, you already know the property is a solid contender. The planning and prequalification or approval you did ensures that whatever homes you look at are viable options. Making that physical connection isn't just browsing around or a hit-or-miss merry-go-round; it's a reaffirmation of things you already know, like how suitable every inch of the home is and how much you all really like it. 

7. Make It Your Own

VR real estate tours don't change anything about the buying process, such as making your offer, negotiating, appraising, opening escrow, disclosures, inspections, or insurance; however, your trusted real estate agent can walk you through all that. They have the knowledge and experience to make those aspects of home buying as expeditious and stress-free as possible.

While finding the perfect home does take work, thanks to VR tours and hard-working real estate agents, you don't have to go too far out of your way anymore. Take advantage of the technology and prepare yourself well for the buying process. Even if you end up doing a lot of looking, you'll be doing it from home, taking much of the stress and strain out of the search. You save time, money, and headaches and still end up landing a home you can quickly turn into your castle. Get in touch with a real estate agent who can help with residential properties for sale.