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5 Overlooked Qualities Of A Superior Security Professional

A common idea about security personnel is that the job is all about being tough. However, this is incorrect information. The list of qualities of a security professional should include much more information. Learn about some of the overlooked qualities all security professionals should have to achieve success.

1. Honesty

A commitment to always tell the truth is essential for security professionals. Clients will often look to you to gain a better understanding of an event. If you're intentionally dishonest, you will lose the trust of the client. However, you ruin your reputation, and you will make clients look at you from the same lens they do a criminal. 

2. Attention to Detail

Security professionals are helpful for many reasons, but primarily because of their ability to notice things that the average person may have overlooked. For instance, in the event of customer theft, a good security professional should be able to provide some level of detail about the appearance of the thief, such as the color of their shirt, their hairstyle, or the type of shoes they wore.

3. Good Communication

You don't just need to be able to detect a threat, but you need to be able to relay the important details about the concern to your client in a way that they can understand. To excel in this goal, you need to have great communication skills. In addition to verbal communication, you will also need good written communication skills in the event you need to complete an incident report.

4. Flexibility

Your title as a security professional is more of an umbrella term. What your job entirely entails will have a lot to do with the environment in which you work. For example, a security professional in a hospital will have a different goal than someone who works in a clothing store. Be flexible if you want to take on a number of different clients from various industries. 

5. Time Management

Clients will generally tell you what you need and leave the execution in your home. For instance, if you are working on a campus and you are responsible for monitoring several buildings, it's up to you to determine how you will divide your time. You need to understand how to properly divide up your time in order ensure you are meeting all your client's needs within the allotted time. 

All of the above-mentioned skills show that you will go above and beyond and that you are equipped for the security job. Work hard to build your skills in each of these areas to excel in your career.