Real Estate Investment 101: Getting Started

3 Tips To Sell Your Home For The Best Possible Price

Are you thinking about downsizing to an apartment instead of a house? Have you been offered a job in another city and need to sell your house before you can make the move? Unfortunately, finding someone to buy your home is often a little more complicated than simply putting it up for sale and hoping that someone makes an offer. Whether you're hoping to sell your house quickly or you just want the best possible offer on the home, there are a few things you need to do before actually trying to sell it. A few of the most important things include:

 Hire a professional: Contrary to what you may have heard, you do not pay a real estate agent up front when selling a home. Instead, he or she will get a percentage of whatever the selling price actually is. This provides an incentive for him or her to get you as much money as possible, because that will mean a larger paycheck for them. If you do not use an agent, and the person who buys your home does, you still have to pay the same commission to the buyer's agent. When both of you have agents, the commission is split between the two of them. You might as well hire an agent to be on your side to help you navigate the home-selling process. 

Clean everything: Unless you've been perfect at cleaning everything all of the time, your home has probably gathered dust and grime in certain areas that have been ignored or overlooked. But when selling a home, you need to be aware that potential buyers will look everywhere. Clean behind the fridge, underneath the sinks, and consider replacing the toilet if you must to get rid of calcium or rust stains. The unfortunate reality is that many buyers will take the smallest amount of dust or grime as signs that the house has been neglected, and will either offer a very low amount or just move on to the next listing.

Hire a landscaper: The exterior of your home is obviously going to be the first thing that people will see when they drive up for a showing. If your yard looks overgrown or neglected, this is going to taint their first impression and may dissuade them from making an offer. Although hiring a landscaper to prune the bushes and mow the lawn is going to be an expense when selling a home, this frees up your time for other things while also making it more likely that you will get an acceptable offer on your home more quickly than you would otherwise.