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Business Situations That Require More Fire Suppression Than A Sprinkler System

As a business owner, you know your establishment will need to meet the fire and safety codes. While restaurants and any business that has high heat-producing machines or equipment are going to need special fire suppression systems, most offices or retail stores will only need sprinkler systems. However, just because that is all that is required, there are times and places where you might want to have better protection and the ability to smother a fire much quicker. Here are a few times you should talk with a company like Universal Fire Equipment that offers fire suppression system services to determine what would be best.

Computer and/or Server Rooms

Computers and electronic equipment put out a lot of heat. It is possible for them to actually start a fire inside a piece of equipment or to set fire to something flammable that is too close to an overheated unit. A sprinkler system is not going to work on an electrical fire, and the water spraying everywhere is going to destroy the electronics. You can ask about a product that will put out the fire without causing damage to the computers or servers. This will not only save you from having to buy new equipment but also save your data.

Paper Storage Areas

If you have hard copies of all your data, you are not going to want it to get doused with water. While a fire can destroy books and paperwork in minutes, you can use foam or another fire-suppressing material that will not cause even more damage. Remember, even if you store everything in metal file cabinets, the metal can get very hot and singe the paper. In addition, most of these file cabinets are not water-tight. A sprinkler system will spray enough water for it to seep into the cabinets and destroy paperwork.

Research Areas

Any research area needs to be specially protected to avoid loss of work and records. A fire suppression company will be able to help you find the best materials to protect your laboratory. 

Keep in mind that water can be as damaging to some things as fire is. Make sure that your equipment, paperwork, and any research is not going to be destroyed by a sprinkler system that was installed to douse a fire. A fire suppression company will go through your facility to determine what is best, install the proper systems, maintain them regularly, and can even provide monitoring.