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Tips For Taking Great Real Estate Photos On A Budget

As you get closer to the day where your home is listed for sale, you'll need to take some great photos of the property for the real estate listing. However, you can't just snap some photos with your smartphone and call it a day. There are some things to consider when taking real estate photos that will make them turn out great. Here are some tips for taking photos on your own when you cannot afford a photographer.

Use The Right Orientation

You may naturally hold your phone in portrait orientation, but it does not work well for photos of your home. Indoor photos are going to show a lot of floor and ceiling, rather than the width of the entire room. That is why you want to use landscape orientation for all the photos that you take. It will help fill the frame with the layout of the room, rather than a bland looking ceiling or carpeting.

In addition, keep all photos the same orientation. It will help potential buyers when browsing photos on their phone, so they do not need to keep changing orientation.

Take As Few Photos As Possible

Take some time to plan on how to capture each room in a few photos as possible. This helps make the layout of your home clear to a potential buyer, rather than confuse them and cause them to think they are looking at a whole new room. Try standing in doorways where you can get a wide view of the room by standing outside of it slightly, as opposed to having your back against a wall and missing out on part of the room.

Take Photos at the Right Time of Day

While you may be busy trying to get your home ready to sell, it is important that you schedule time to take photos of your home. That's because you want to take photos when light starts coming in through the windows at dawn or sunset, and potentially use both times depending on the directions your windows face. The sun will create a beautiful orange glow in your photos, and light fixtures and lamps can fill in the dark places.

These are just a few tips that will help you take some great looking photos that will be used in your real estate listing. Speak to your real estate agent for more tips that can help your photos stand out among all of the competition you're up against. For more information on homes for sale near you, contact your local realtor.