Real Estate Investment 101: Getting Started

4 Helpful Tips To Read When Selling Your Home

There is so much advice out there about ways to get your home sold faster. However, instead of sifting through tons of sites only to find information that won't be of much help, you can instead read this article, where you will learn about 4 very important tips you want to keep in mind that can really help get that house sold!

1 - Fix all the small things you possibly can

Every minor issue you fix before people are looking at your home for sale will help increase the chances of someone falling absolutely in love with it and feeling compelled to put in an offer on it. Scratches and small holes in the paint should be taken care of, old and dirty paint should be painted over, broken light switches should be replaced, damaged outlet plates should be replaced, missing light covers should be replaced, burned out bulbs should be replaced, loose doorknobs should be replaced, broken windows should be taken care of and anything else minimal like this should be taken care of as well. When you allow many little things to go unfixed, it can add up and start looking like a lot to take care of for the buyer. Plus, they would appreciate a home that is as close to move-in ready as possible.

2 – Clean, clean, clean!

You may not realize just how much showing a messy home can affect your chances of selling it. While it's understandable to get busy and fall behind in household chores, it is less understandable to do so when you know buyers could show up at any time. A buyer is going to assume you cleaned as much as possible for the showing and if this is the best you could get your home, then what does it look like on a normal day? This can leave them worrying about bugs, hidden dirt, neglected appliances and systems and more.

3 – Don't start out high

When you sell a lot of things, such as a used car, it can be a good idea to start out high, knowing that many people are automatically going to come out and kick the tires and try to bring you down in price. However, with a house, this can really work against you. If you don't generate any interest at the higher price, then you will need to drop the price which won't look great and it will show your home has been on the market longer.

4 – Realize you are a large part of the selling process

Some sellers think they hire a real estate agent and that is the end of their job in the process. However, as a seller, you want to be prepared to put in your own fair share of work if you are going to see the results you want. It will be up to you to stay on top of everything that needs to be done with the house, make yourself available to the realtor as much as possible so they can get right through to you, spread the word about your home being for sale yourself and take the advice your realtor gives you seriously, since they know what they are doing.