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5 Ways To Attract More Millennials To Your Rental Property

If you own a rental property, targeting your vacant rental property to millennials is the best way to fill it quickly. This is because millennials make up a huge portion of the people looking to rent. Here are five ways you can attract more of them to your property:

  1. ​Have an Online Presence: This doesn't just mean on listing sites. It's also a good idea to be using social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Showing photos of the rental property, using relevant hashtags, and engaging will attract more millennials simply because they have such a strong connection to social media sites, which makes your rental property much more viewable in their world. 
  2. Be Eco-Friendly: Making updates to your rental property to make it more eco-friendly is a good idea because millennials are attracted to this. The more eco-friendly advertising they see, the more likely they are going to be interested in your rental property. This includes having appliances that are the most efficient and eco-friendly, solar energy, no VOC paint, and even advertising your proximity to public transportation, farmer's markets, and more. 
  3. Be Open to Allowing Pets: Many millennials own pets, so not allowing them is cutting the number of millennials that are willing to contact you about your property. Most millennials realize that there will be a pet deposit and are willing to pay for it, so even if there is an accident, this deposit can cover it. 
  4. Talk Up the Community: Millennials are interested in getting out, not staying indoors, so talking up the community is just as important as talking up the rental property itself. If there is a community pool, be sure to mention it. Talk about the potential walking distance to some great coffee shops or other social areas. You also want to talk about the neighbors. Is it a socially thriving neighborhood that is up-and-coming? Mention this because this is sure to attract many millennials. 
  5. Take Great Pictures: Finally, you want to be sure that the photos of your rental property are of the best quality. Think about the content that is out there today. Your pictures need to stand out and they won't if they aren't meeting the quality standards. Pictures should be clear with the best lighting to at least be similar to the other attractive content advertised on social media everyday. 

Hiring a property manager to help you with this is one of the best ways to attract millennials. Property managers, such as from National Property Management Group, know how to advertise on social media and reach out to millennials who make up the biggest portion of the rental market. This can definitely save you a lot of time and get your property filled as quickly as possible.