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Running Out Of Room? 2 Creative Ways To Make Your Home Bigger

Do you feel like you are running out of room in your house? If so, you may be considering some creative ways to give you some more room. Here are some ideas for how you can change your home to help your growing family.

Convert Your Garage Into A Living Space

Do you have an attached garage, but find that you end up parking in the driveway or take advantage of street parking? You may be wasting all of that square footage that your garage takes up. The best part about converting garage to living space as an additional living space is that the guts of the room are already there

Many homeowners brick up the garage door, but convert the bulk of the space into a big window to allow light into the room. While it should be obvious that you need to add electrical, heating, and cooling to the room, you will also need to make some modification you may not have thought of.

You'll most likely need to raise the floor of the garage so that it is level with the door that currently goes into your house. You may also want to take out part of the walls to make the space feel like an open floor plan rather than a closed off space. Thankfully, all these issues are easy to handle with the help of a contractor.

The long and narrow shape of a garage can make this space great for a family room. A couch, some chairs, and a flat screen TV will give the new room plenty of use. If your family now has grandparents living with you, the space can even works great as an additional bedroom.

Convert Your Florida Room Into A Family Room

Another room that can easily be converted into a living space is a Florida room. These rooms often do not have the HVAC system running to it, since they act like an outdoor space with plenty of windows to let light in. They are often already at the same level as the rest of your home, so there is no need to raise the floor to meet the rest of your house.

You can easily make this room into a living space by adding more insulation, adding in-floor radiant heat, and a ductless air conditioner system. You'll start using the room for more daily activity, rather than a room you only use during the summer when the weather outside is nice.