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2 Things You Can Have A Builder Put In Your House To Make It More Wheelchair Friendly

If you have some kind of disability, you know that it can be hard to find a house that will work perfectly for you. Most houses aren't built with a wheelchair user or a little person in mind, which means that you have to make a lot of adaptations in your own house just so that you can make it work for you. However, if you start from scratch and build your own house, there are things that you can put in that will make your house work perfectly for you. So, what are some things that new home builders can put in your new house for you?

Adjustable Kitchen Counters

One thing you can do is to have the builder put in adjustable kitchen counters. These counters are on side rails. That allows the counters to move up and down so that they can be locked into various heights. That means that if you are a wheelchair user, you can have a kitchen counter that is at the perfect height for you to work without having to stretch up in uncomfortable ways. But, when your partner who isn't in a wheelchair needs to work at the counter, they might have problems with the height that work for you, so they can have the counter set to the height they need. The counter can either have buttons so that it will move on its own to where you want it, or you can adjust it manually to the correct height. 

Larger Bathrooms

Most non-wheelchair users don't think about how hard it can be to get around the bathroom. Generally, bathrooms aren't the biggest spaces in the house, which can make it hard for you to get around in the bathroom, especially if you have a larger wheelchair. When you build your house from scratch, you can talk to the builder and they can create extra space in your bathroom so that you can turn your wheelchair around so that you can get into the bathtub or shower easily or so that you can get to the sink or cabinets. No one can really understand how much having that extra space in the bathroom can mean unless it's something that they need to have as well. 

If you need a new house and you are trying to come up with the perfect house for you, you may want to consider building your own house.