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Four Things To Be Aware Of If You Choose To Swim With Dolphins

Dolphin swimming adventures have become a very popular tourist attraction in states where the ocean is all around. If the idea excites you, and you want to try it, you should be aware of a few things. There are some precautionary measures in place for these adventure packages.

1. You Will Have to Sign a Waiver

The dolphins typically involved in these adventure packages have been raised from birth and trained to interact with humans. However, they are still wild animals at heart. The company offering this adventure will have you sign a waiver just in the off-chance that you are the one in a million person the dolphins decide to attack.

2. You Cannot Swim with Wild Dolphins

Swimming with wild dolphins is illegal. It is forbidden by Marine organizations and governments the world over. Unless you are hunting the dolphin for food, you cannot be anywhere near a dolphin in the water. Additionally, it is extremely unsafe to swim with wild dolphins, as they have been known to attack people in the wild.

3. Do Not Get into the Water with a Dolphin Without a Trainer

Trainers have handled these dolphins their entire dolphin lives. The dolphins know the trainers; the dolphins do not know you. They may perceive you as a threat if the trainers are not in the water with you and may feel threatened enough to attack. The trainers will also alert you to any signs that you need to get out of the water because the dolphin is exhibiting some odd behaviors. Additionally, children are never allowed, and should never be allowed, to swim with dolphins because dolphins instinctively kill young animals to pursue females for mating. 

4. Adult Women Should Not Be Menstruating When Swimming with Dolphins

Yes, this sounds really bizarre, but it is a reason with a purpose. If you schedule a dolphin swim, you cannot be menstruating. The smallest scent of blood causes a dolphin to go into protective mode. In the wild, a bleeding member of the pod is shark bait, and only killing that member and leaving it for dead will protect the rest of the pod. Wearing a tampon will not stop what happens, as dolphins have very sharp abilities for detecting blood. The last thing you want on your exciting dolphin swim is having a 600+ pound dolphin throwing its body on you and at you to prevent what it assumes is an inevitable shark attack.

Contact a company, like Kona Ocean Adventures, for more information.