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3 Tips on Buying a One-Bedroom Condo that Feels Like a Two-Bedroom Unit

When you are interested in buying a condo, you may notice that the two-bedroom units are often out of your price range. Although you could wait a while until you are able to afford a two-bedroom condo, you may want to buy a place soon. Fortunately, you can get creative when looking around at condos to find one-bedroom units with the functionality of two bedrooms.

Connected Dining Room

While looking at condos, you may notice that some of them have a small kitchen. The closest space where you can put a dining table and chairs might be considered the living room. This reduces how much space you have in the living room to place various furnishings. So, you should look for condos that have a connected dining room or enough space in the kitchen for seating.

This may give you enough room to add a room separator inside the living room. Then, you can add a small bed within the private space so that another person can sleep comfortably. Another option is buying a fold out couch bed that you will only be able to fit with a lot of extra space.

Oversized Bedroom

Some bedrooms are just large enough to fit a bed, dresser, and a desk. But, you can find condos with oversized bedrooms or even ones with a den that adds a large additional space. You can use this bedroom layout to add a room divider so that you can treat the space as multiple bedrooms. This will serve you well when you have always wanted to have a dedicated home office.

The extra space also works well for when you have a newborn child or baby. Your bedroom will feel separate from your kid's space, but they will be close enough for you to hear them easily.

Large Living Room

A connected dining room may provide you with enough room to make a second room through room dividers, but the condos that you come across may not have this feature. You can also reach the same goal by looking for condos with large living rooms. This will allow you to split the room into two so that you can have a living room while giving another purpose to the second space.

It can get a little confusing to try and achieve the functionality of a two-bedroom condo while looking at one-bedroom units, but following these tips will help you a fitting condo to buy. Snag your ideal condo by contacting a real estate agent.