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Unexpected Benefits Of Living In Golf Course Homes

As an avid golfer, you live every day for the chance to walk out your door and play golf. As someone who lives in a golf course home, you can actually and literally do just that. Golf course homes are built on the edges of golf courses, and they are the ideal homes for fans of golf. The primary benefit, course, is being that close to golf courses every day. What you may not have considered or expected are some benefits not mentioned by your real estate agent when he or she was trying to sell you on a home that you already knew you wanted.


Unless a golfer breaks out in an all-out pro-golfer tantrum, life here is very quiet. Most golfers are trying to be quiet as it is part of the rules of the game. That transfers over to the most peaceful living situation you could hope for. You are guaranteed that no block parties, thumping music, or other loud and obnoxious noises will ever rattle the quiet of your house.

Fantastic Views

The most fantastic views to a golfer are the courses and greens themselves. However, the real estate companies that build homes around golf courses really go all out to make all of the landscapes attractive. Sure, you will see the golf courses from at least one side of your house, but you can also buy homes on man-made lakes. Along with your perfectly manicured lawns, you have wonderful views no matter which windows you are looking out of. 

Rubbing Elbows with V.I.P.s

Whether it is the local mayor, or your golf course is sponsoring a celebrity charity golf tournament, there is always a chance for you to rub elbows with some V.I.P.s. If they end up being golf pros, that would be the living end for you. You could check that off your bucket list, and look for less exciting adventures elsewhere.

Limited Crime

Quite often, golf course homes are part of a gated community, build around the golf courses and protected by high walls and fences. Violent crime would be limited to a golfer destroying his best club on the course in a fit of anger. Robberies are nil, and only white collar crimes can be expected, if at all. That means that life here is safe, quiet, and relatively uneventful, precisely as you like it and exactly as your doctor ordered it.