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Three Things To Check When Renting A Garage Apartment

If you are considering renting a garage apartment, then there are three things you want to make sure it will offer you in order to know it will provide you with a safe and comfortable living environment. Here are three things you want to see in a garage apartment when you are looking at one as a possible rental for yourself:

Make sure it will allow you to stay warm and cool throughout the year

You want to be sure the garage is fully completed in its transformation to becoming an apartment. It should have proper insulation and drywall in place so you can keep the heat and cool air in when you need to. Along with insulated and dry walled walls, you also want to verify the same has been done to the ceiling. You may think a space heater and small window AC would work in a small garage apartment, but without the proper insulation in place it would be like using these things in a large tent; you'll have a very hard time staying comfortable and keeping the temperature stable.

Make sure it has enough lighting

One thing to know about garage apartments is some of them have a very nice amount of windows while others have a limited number of small windows. You want to make sure you are going to have plenty of natural lighting coming in or you may find that your apartment can be quite dark year-round which can make for a depressing living situation. If you do decide to go with a place without a lot of natural lighting and you tend to stay inside a lot, then you may want to consider getting yourself a UV lamp to help prevent depression that can come from a lack of UV rays.

Make sure it is properly permitted

Before you rent a garage apartment it is important for you to verify that it has been properly permitted. If it hasn't been permitted for someone to live in the apartment, then you may find yourself needing to move right away if the city steps in and starts to complain about someone living in the garage. If you don't have more money to move with right away, then you can find yourself in a very bad situation if this were to happen. The person you are renting the apartment from should be able to show you this paperwork themselves.

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