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Make Your Cats Happy By Finding An Apartment That Keeps Them Entertained

Looking for an apartment to move into is easy, but finding one that meets all your needs is where this process can get challenging. If you are flexible with your needs but are a passionate cat owner, you may want to make sure your cats have everything they need in an apartment.

While your cats are not going to provide you with a list of these needs, you should be able to create a list for them by living with them and knowing what they like to do regularly. Finding an apartment that you know will keep them entertained is a realistic goal worth prioritizing.

Enclosed Patio

Not letting your cats outside is understandable because there are so many risks involved with them going for a stroll. Cars, feral cats, coyotes, and people are just a few concerns. But, you can provide your cats with a nice alternative by looking for apartments with an enclosed patio. Since cats can jump high and scale almost anything, you will feel most confident when it is enclosed.

If the patio is enclosed with a screen, you may even want to talk with the landlord to see if you can make the switch to mesh screen that is designed to resist cat scratches. This will prevent your cats from being able to scratch through the screen and escape without you knowing.

Playing Space

When you have multiple cats in a home, you may notice that they like to play on occasion. Giving them enough room to run around is a huge bonus for when they want to exert energy. This will help to make up for the exercise that they would get if they were to spend time outside. Long hallways are great because your cats can chase each other up and down at lightning speeds.

If you think that your cats may make a lot of noise at night, you can look for apartments on the first floor. This will prevent huge thuds from happening when they jump off a ledge or cat tree.

Great Views

Cats often enjoy looking at people, birds, cars, and other things that are moving outside. You can give this to them in an apartment by finding windows or sliding doors with great views. If you are comfortable with the noise that your cats make, you can look for upper floor apartments.

Keeping your cats entertained in an apartment will be easy when you look for these features. Visit a site like for more help.