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About Home Inspections

A home may look like it is in great shape and in fact even the family that has been living in the home most recently can think that everything is great. However, there can be things going on with the home that are out of sight and will only be noticeable to the trained eye. This is why it is so important to make sure there are inspections done when a house is on the market. Here are some important things to know about home inspections:

There are some things that are important with regards to making sure home inspections go properly

When you are having an inspection done, you should really make sure you look into the inspector's experience. You want to know how long they have been doing inspections, approximately how many they have done and what their qualifications and training are.

You want to make sure that you attend the inspection. Otherwise, you may find yourself questioning some of the findings and not having a leg to stand on since you weren't there. Also, it may be harder for you to get a clear picture of what is being explained with regards to problems if you weren't there to visually see what the inspector is talking about.

It's also important to make sure that you read the inspection report, so there will be no surprises along the way. Reading the report allows you to have the opportunity to question anything on it that you don't agree with or that you don't understand. The sooner you learn of things to be concerned with, the better off you will be when it comes to dealing with issues and moving past them.

If you are the seller, you want to be sure you make it as easy as possible for the inspector to access all of the areas of the home they are going to need access to by clearing out cluttered areas and access ways ahead of time. It's a good idea to make sure all locked areas of the home are unlocked ahead of time and that all of the areas have clear walkways and they are going to be able to see all the walls, fixtures, pipes, outlets and virtually every element throughout the home. You want to be prepared for a very invasive inspection, these home inspections are more detailed than you may think, so know they need access to everything.

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