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Buying A Home As A Wedding Gift For Your Child? Here's Why You Should Consider Manufactured Options

Buying a new home for your child as a wedding gift is a meaningful way to show them how proud you are and to give them a head start while building a new life. You should consider investing in a manufactured home instead of a traditional one – here's why:

The Home Can Always Be Moved

One of the best reasons to invest in a manufactured home for your newly married child is to ensure that they can utilize it for a lifetime. They can live in a family-friendly mobile home park as they start their journey together and raise a young family, then buy a piece of property and have the home moved there to create their own personal compound as the kids get older.

And if they choose to build a custom home for themselves later in life, they can move the manufactured home to the back of their property and use it as a guest house or artist's retreat. What's more is that they can gift the manufactured home to one of their children when's it time for them to move out of the family home.

Save Money Without Sacrificing Safety

Manufactured homes may be less expensive than traditional brick and mortar homes, but that doesn't mean that they are any less safe – so you can save money on your purchase without sacrificing your child's safety as time goes on. The same materials are typically used to build manufactured homes as are used for site-built homes, and rigorous building codes must be met before a manufactured home can be put on the market.

In fact, many of the codes that must be followed when building a manufactured home are more stringent than those for traditional homes. This means that you can expect your child's new manufactured home to hold up well to storms, even hurricanes, without falling apart. There's no need to pay a higher cost for a traditional home just to ensure the security of your child and their new family in stormy weather conditions.

Ensure Energy Efficiency for Future Savings

By investing in an Energy Star certified manufactured home, you can help save your child and their new family some money on their power costs as time goes on. Today's Energy Star rated homes are built to use less energy than standard homes. They also allow for efficient temperature stability inside so your child and their new family can stay comfortable during the hottest and coldest parts of the year and keep their energy costs down at the same time.